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The bench has two rails spaced on either side going perpendicular to the seat, these rails are used to roll the glass pipes on Bits A mass of molten glass, usually small and freshly gathered from the furnace. Mirror Monogram A monogram written in such a way that each letter is reversed to produce its mirror image, the letter and its image being combined to give a symmetrical ornamental form.

Muff A glass cylinder intended to be cut into sheets. The first borosilicate glass was created by Otto Schott in Speciality Embedments Example 2 A Lucite embedment is a very unique award. It comes with a silver plate for your engraved inscription. They were absolutely breathtaking just like you had promised.

Lily-Pad Decoration Decoration consisting of a gather around the base of the vessel, which has been drawn upward in four or more projections with rounded ends.

Gathering Iron A long, thin rod used to gather molten glass.

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Acrylic embedments or "tombstones" can custom paperweights glass a wide variety of sizes and designs with custom artwork embedded in acrylic. Go from batter to sauces to serving with different sizes of bowls. Free personalization of logo and simple text.

Flat Bouquet A decorative arrangement of canes in a paperweight. The color is characteristic of glass that includes traces of iron found in the silica used as the major ingredient. Comes with brass engraving band. It is misleading because glass is not a metallic substance, and its use is discouraged.

Air traps in stems are frequently tearshaped or elongated and spirally twisted. The object is amber when it emerges from the lehr, but partial reheating causes the affected portion to become red or purple.

Pens Silver Plated Pen Stand Certificates can be framed for display, and a small engraving plate adds an elegant touch. Bar A single piece of glass formed by fusing several canes or rods. Metal A term frequently used as a synonym for glass. Includes etching on one side. Marbled Glass Glass decorated with streaks of two or more colors, resembling marble.

Overshot Glass Rolled molten glass is covered with splinters covering the surface as a final completed surface. Laser etched and available in three sizes. Core The form to which molten glass is applied in order to make a core-formed vessel. Customize your glass paperweight with favorite colors and add fun elements like names or monograms in your preferred fonts and colors.

This technique is also known as mezza stampatura or, in Muranese dialect, meza stampaura. Engraving The process of cutting into the surface of an annealed glass object either by holding it against a rotating copper wheel fed with an abrasive or by scratching it, usually with a diamond.

Lip Wrap The top edge of the piece. Crystal sits on a sleek black marble base. Pegging The process of pricking molten glass with a tool that leaves small, air-filled hollows. Clocks Chatham Clock The silhouette alarm clock is silver plated with a satin silver engraving plate.

Frigger The English term for an object made by a glassworker on his own time. Hand Blown A glass project is handmade and was not assisted by machinery. Speciality Embedments Example 1 Marble Plaques Our marble plaques come in a variety of colors and styles.

Paper Weights From simple round crystal to cobalt jagged rocks; our collection of glass paperweights provides a variety of selections for you to choose from. Also available with 80 and 96 plates. This is in contrast to enameling, in which powdered glasses of various colors are fused to the surface by heating.

Plating A 19th-century American synonym for casing. Carnival Glass Inexpensive pressed glass with vivid gold, orange, and purple iridescence, made in the United States between about and Good taste and beautiful products combined with our graphic artists designs offer you an amazingly wide variety of products and ideas.

Pulegoso was developed by Napoleone Martinuzzi on the island of Murano, Italy, in the s. Saper Galleries provides quality works of art by artists of international acclaim from Peter Max t Rembrandt to Dr.

Seuss, including paintings, limited edition prints, sculpture, mobiles, hand-blown glass -- art of all media and imagery and price ranges. Free art search services. Professional matting and framing services. Nov 07,  · New contemporary art glass, crystal, etched or printed in full color to traditional engraved pewter and silver you can count on our professional consultants to help you select an elegant and timeless presentation that will epitomize the standards set by your company or organization.

Show them your appreciation or celebrate an achievement with one of these personalized premium paperweights crafted from cut crystal.

Personalized Paperweights. Guided Navigation Header) View By: Glass Dome Paperweight. Glass Dome Paperweight. $ Glass Rectangle Paperweight.

Glass Rectangle Paperweight. Showing 1 - 60 of Products Custom Coasters Say cheers to personalized coasters, the best giveaways for your next event.

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You'll find everything from stone to cork to bamboo, all ready to be customized with your unique design. Homepage of the Bohemian Glassworks Company. Producer of fine-art Bohemian crystal glass, Swarovski crystal nail files engraved glass, mirrors, stained glass, historic glass, cut and painted glass, corporate gifts, paperweights, atypical chandelliers and glass restorations.

Glass Pipes, water pipes, heady bongs, heady glass, vaporizers, C-Rig, concentrate Rigs, titanium nails, Toro, HiSi, Medicali, and much more. Functional Glass Art is an online gallery for the Glass Blowing Community.

Glass Art by the greatest Glass blowers in the .

Custom paperweights glass
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