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The roof of the nave was constructed with a new technology, the rib vaultwhich had earlier been used in the Basilica of Saint Denis.

Facts on the Notre Dame Cathedral in France

The fact that so many people had a part in building Notre Dame is what accounts for its unique and varied design.

In fact I believe that this church offers the carefully discerning such cause for admiration that its inspection can scarcely sate the soul. The cathedral was titled Saigon Chief Cathedral. What to See at Notre Dame Cathedral West Front The west front of the cathedral is one of Notre dame cathedral most notable features, with its two meter feet tall towers.

Between andBertrand Cattiaux and Pascal Quoirin restored, cleaned, and modified the organ. All of the other large statues on the facade, with the exception of the statue of the Virgin Mary on the portal of the cloister, were destroyed. The new windows, made by Jacques Le Chevallierare without human figures and use abstract grisaille designs and color to try to recreate the luminosity in the Cathedral in the 13th century.

They were the rain spouts of the cathedral, designed to divide the torrent of water which poured from the roof after rain, and to project it outwards as far as possible from the buttresses and the walls and windows where it might erode the mortar binding the stone.

Another major cleaning and restoration program was commenced in Notre dame cathedral tympanum shows the Virgin and Child on a throne, accompanied by two censing angels, a bishop and his assistant, and a king.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

The rooster at the summit of the spire contains three relics; a tiny piece of the Crown of Thornslocated in the treasury of the Cathedral; and relics of Denis and Saint Genevievepatron saints of Paris.

He rotated the window by fifteen degrees to give it a clear vertical and horizontal axis, and replaced the destroyed pieces of glass with new glass in the same style. Even so, much of the facade and interior remain true to the original designs.

Notre Dame Cathedral

The bottom section of the tympanum depicts scenes relating to the birth of Christ - Nativity, Presentation, and Massacre of the Innocents - while the upper two levels show miracles of St. Portals and nave to the left, choir in the center, and apse and ambulatory to the right.

The High Altar was finished a few years later, in Portals and nave to the left, choir in the center, and apse and ambulatory to the right. Another restoration program began in and continued well beyond its planned completion date. This palace would later be turned into a seminary until the Notre-Dame Cathedral was completed.

The next two circles depict celebrated martyrs and virgins. The massive buttresses which counter the outward thrust from the rib vaults of the nave. The positions of the months echo the yearly cycle of the sun: The date of the first buttresses is not known with any precision; they were installed some time in the 13th century.

Louis and installed around Discover the inside of the Cathedral History The history of its construction to its architecture, through all the secrets it contains, find out everything you always wanted to know about this historic monument.

The original spire was constructed in the 13th century, probably between and The strix appeared in classical Roman literature; it was described by the Roman poet Ovidwho was widely read in the Middle Ages, as a large-headed bird with transfixed eyes, rapacious beak, and greyish white wings.

Beginning inthe bases of the facade were put in place, and the first traverses were completed. You'll find this area of the keys to decrypt the message she wants to send us.

Notre-Dame de Paris

Each of the four groups is preceded by an animal symbolizing one of the four evangelists; a steer for Saint Luke; a Lion for Saint Mark, an Eagle for Saint John; and angel for Saint Matthew. The central pillar of the central door of Notre-Dame features a statue of a woman on a throne holding a scepter in her left hand, and in her right hand, two books, one open symbol of public knowledgeand the other closed esoteric knowledgealong with a ladder with seven steps, symbolizing the seven steps alchemists followed in their scientific quest of trying to transform ordinary metals into gold.

Built between and on the Île de la Cité, Notre Dame de Paris is one of the oldest gothic cathedrals in the world. The name of the cathedral in English means 'Our Lady', and it. Notre Dame Cathedral (full name: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, "Our Lady of Paris") is a beautiful cathedral on the the Île de la Cité in in and mostly completed byNotre Dame is an important example of French Gothic architecture, sculpture and stained glass.

The finest example of French Gothic architerture, Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris, simply known as Notre-Dame, is among the deepest cultural treasures of Paris. It is located on a small island called the Ile de la Cite in the middle of river Seine, and the melodious sound of its bells spreads all across the historic Marais district.

The Notre Dame Cathedral Paris or Notre Dame de Paris (Meaning ‘Our Lady of Paris’ in French) is a Gothic cathedral located in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France, It has its main entrance to the west. The island is on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité. The Notre Dame Cathedral (which is also known as Notre Dame de Paris which is French for “Our Lady of Paris” and which is also sometimes just referred to as “Notre Dame”) is a Roman Catholic cathedral of historic importance located on the eastern half of Paris’ Île de la Cité.

Mar 08,  · Designed in the Gothic fashion and built between the 12th and 14th centuries, the Notre Dame Cathedral in France is the official seat of the Archbishop of Paris.

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